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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your olive oils extra virgin?

All of our olive oils are EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and first cold press EXCEPT for Chipotle, Habanero's, Jalapeno, Lemon Pepper, Roasted Chilie, and Zesty Onion. 

What does Acidity Mean?

The natural acid in olives is oleic acid. If the acidity of the cold-pressed oil is less than 0.8%, it is known as extra virgin olive oil. If the acidity is between 0.8% and 3.3%, the oil is called virgin olive oil. Any oil obtained from the first cold pressing that has a natural acidity above 3.3% cannot be sold as virgin olive oil. It is usually sent to a refinery to reduce the acidity and eliminate any other objectionable qualities in aroma and flavor, and is sold as "olive oil" or "pure olive oil", a refined product. 

What does Polyphenol Mean?

Polyphenols are a class of antioxidants found in a variety of foods. (Phenols: Oleuropein, Oleocanthal, and hydroxytyrosol.) Polyphenols in olive oil decrease over time or when exposed to heat, oxygen and light (storing olive oil in dark bottles is a requirement!). Polyphenols impart flavor intensity connected with pepper, bitterness and other desirable flavor characteristics. Recent studies indicate that these potent phenols are responsible for many of the health benefits associated with consuming fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil; therefore, higher counts are preferable. Consuming fresh, well made olive oil with high polyphenol content is crucial when looking to obtain the maximum health benefit commonly associated with consuming extra virgin olive oil. 

Which olive oil is used as the base for your flavor infused oils?

Depending on the Harvest of olives and climate of the region our base oil will change periodically, but only using the smoothest yet lightest oil we can find as they have a more subtle natural flavor that does not compete with the flavor being infused. 

Where do your olive oils come from?

Our regional specific olive oils come from the countries that we source them from. Our Moroccan olive oil comes from Morocco, our Egyptian from Egypt, Italian from Italy, etc.

Why is my Olive Oil Cloudy?

Olive oils may be cloudy for several reasons.  If the EVOO is cloudy it may simply be unfiltered oil and what you are seeing is olive pulp that has not had time to settle.  Over time, this pulp will settle to the bottom of the bottle.  If your oil has solidified during shipping in cold weather, allowing it rise to room temperature will generally clear up the cloudiness.  If after coming up to room temperature there is still some residual discoloration, you may warm the oil in a warm temperature water bath to completely clarify it.  Use caution and do not use hot water, as this could affect the quality of your oil.  Your oil is not harmed by cold or freezing.

Where does your Balsamic vinegar come from?

Our Traditional Aged Balsamic comes from Modena, Italy.

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