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What a wonderful addition to downtown Belleville! Love your products, your friendly and knowledgeable employees and your store in general. Your website is great and I love the suggestion of the bottle sizes in ounces (I'm an "older folk". Much success to you! - Sandie Seger

I am assuming you are talking about our Balsamics - No sugar is added - our Balsamics have 7 grams of sugar but it is natural sugar from the fruit that is used - Olive

I love your products and would like to know if any ingredients added....especially sugar. - Deborah Braddy

Great video and thanks for a fun afternoon of trying and buying new products. Have a great summer. See u in Nov. or sooner. - Rita

Just wanted to let you know that I put the citrus habanero oil in brownie mix and that tasted like lemon brownies but a heat aftertaste. Local Lucy's was out of blood orange for the brownies and habanero is paired with chocolate. Very yummy and can't wait to try other products - Angie Kossina

My daughter and I love your place! We're up to 11 different oils and vinegars and love them all. Our friends and family think you're great too! Don't EVER leave!!! - Mignon Westin

I've cooked with Kalamata olive oil for years. I'm anxious to try some infused flavored oils. Also eager to try some of your flavored balsamic. - Christina Argyropoulos

Looking forward to attending a class on Friday. Good luck with your new store. We need stores in Alton. - Barb Panfile

I have not been there, but expect to be yhere tomorrow. - Maey Ellen Klinke

Love your products! Telling all my friends about your store! - Ann L Ogle

Can't wait to come see the store - saw one in Calif - and loved it.... ;) Since we have moved to Alabama, we still make trips back occasionally.... Plan on stopping and checking it all out! - Jean Ann Snowbarger

I don't know where I have been, but Just found out you have this business. Can't wait to get down there and check you guys out. - Sharon Wood

Good Luck enjoy using the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. - Joyce Hatcher

This is a great place! I've bought oil & balsalmics which are very good. The owners are super nice. I'll be going back for sure!!! - Val

We ALL enjoyed your demo last night. Thanks again - Vivian Jordan

What a wonderful place and great web page. Keep up the good work. And best of luck!! - Debbie

I had a booth next to yours at the Working Women's Survival Show and AAAHHHH I am out of some of my faves! I will visit in Alton! - Marie Libra RN

I received your Black Truffle Garlic Olive Oil as a gift and it is wonderful. I rub it on vegetables, sprinkle with kosher salt, pepper and dill and roast them at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Wonderful! I can't wait to buy more. - Donna Rosemann

Love the store and thank you for the taste test. Will be back soon!!! - Sherry Bequette

Have purchased from you during special events and am so happy to see you have store in Alton. - Jacklyn Witthoft

is this a new store can't wait to check it out - Diane Lybarger

great page, i like all the left overs - Dad

Great page. Especially enjoyed the diabetics page. - Kim

Loved visiting your store! Best of luck. What a great addition to the Alton area! - Pam Knipping said

Can't wait to try these products! - Mary Sparks Hollerbach

Very excited for you and your new business. Best wishes and I will be shopping soon. - Trudy Smith

Just gave a friend some Carmel Balsamic for Christmas....she is ecstatic. Thanks! - Margaret Moffatt

Looks great! Can't wait to try some out. Should we expect a tasting booth at Mandy's wedding? LOL Love you guys!! - Lindsay Eversmeyer

Saw you this summer at the steam tractor event at Jerseyville and the olive oil and balsamic vinegar were great. Pat & Movita McClurg - Pat & Movita McClurg

Had a wonderful time at Candid Gifts today with the cooking class. It was nice meeeting you & I'm anxious to try the different kind of olive oils that I bought. - Sherry Gansz

Purchased your product at the WWSS it is amazing Thank you both so much my family and I are truly enjoying it. Look forward to future purchases. - Julie Courtway

It was awesome seeing you guys last night.. Can't wait till you open up so I can bring everyone I know to your shop. I can't wait to check out the recipes so I can cook with the products I bought.. GOOD LUCK!! - Tara Pesnell

I have heard great things! - Linda Lynch

can't wait to visit you. - Sandi Goeke

Very attractive web site. My only suggestion is put the bottle size in ounces for your customers convenience. Older folks might not be able to convert. I'm trying to decide between the butter and garlic flavor. Good luck with your new endeavor :) - Star Diserens

Love it! Love it! Love it! - Christina Faccin-Rives

Nice job! Looks great! - Lisa & Terry Hutson

The site looks great. I can't wait to try some of the oils. I would love to see more recipes as you grow your business. Good luck!! - Barb Deck

good page, i hope everything goes well for you and jewels, love ya Dad - bruce meeks sr

The website looks amazing guys!!! Can't wait to try them!! Love you guys!! - Megan Meeks

Looks great! We will be ordering soon! - Frank Schmidt

Great site Julie and Tim - Marian Leggett

Nice Work! Should be a huge success with you two behind it. Good luck! - Deanna and Mark Barnes

Looking forward to working with the product. I am sure we will love it. - David & Darla Cavins

I work with Mandy and she forwarded your great site! - Betty Miller

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